Dennis Charney


Fishing Creek Brown sm

The Narrows section of Fishing Creek flows through a beautiful setting of steep rocky slopes and forested game lands. Its steep gradient creates great pocket water broken up by short pools and riffles. This is prime nymphing water that at times can be very challenging. The wild brown trout population is interspersed with native brook trout throughout this 5 mile fishing creek 2smTrophy Trout section. Fishing Creek is a limestone creek that has many of the physical characteristics of a typical freestone stream. The chalky color of the water and its notably cold temps are created by several springs and spring fed tributaries along its flow.

Fishing Creek is home to all the classic hatches. The early season brings Hendricksons, Blue Quills and Grannoms are around. Spring hatches include Blue Winged Olives, Caddis, March Browns, Sulphurs, Green Drakes and Cahills. The summer months offer good terrestrial fishing, Tricos and Blue Quill hatches along with a constant supply of scuds and stonefly nymphs.